What is a Transportation Master Plan?

    A transportation master plan establishes a municipality’s long-range transportation vision. It is one of several strategic policy documents that direct how a municipality will grow and develop over the long term. It works together with a municipality’s Official Plan, which directs land use and development patterns, as well as other master plans such as those concerning municipal servicing, parks and recreation, and economic development.

    How is it used?

    The NPTMP will be used by the Municipality of North Perth as a blueprint to guide future planning, design, operation and maintenance of the Municipality’s transportation network until the year 2041.

    Who is undertaking the study?

    The Municipality has hired a consultant team to undertake the NPTMP. The lead consultant, Paradigm Transportation Solutions Limited, is a transportation planning and traffic engineering consulting firm that has prepared transportation master plans for various municipalities throughout Ontario. GSP Group, a land use planning and design consultant, is undertaking the public engagement and street design aspects of the NPTMP. The NPTMP is being directed by the Municipality’s Manager of Operations.

    What does it explore?

    A Transportation master plan examines current transportation issues within a community; assesses existing and future growth patterns; determines the need for transportation improvements; and, establishes policies to develop and maintain the required transportation network over the longer timeframe.

    What are the goals?

    The ultimate transportation goals of the NPTMP are broad in reach. Principally they are: 

    1. To identify ways to mitigate current and future road capacity issues; 
    2. To accommodate different travel options for getting around; 
    3. To accommodate and encourage more environmentally sustainable forms of travel; and
    4. To build a stronger sense of place and vibrant local economy in communities.

    What aspects of transportation will the Study explore?

    The NPTMP will establish a policy framework for a complete, multi-modal transportation system in North Perth. To this end, it considers and plans for the movement of people and goods throughout the area, including moving by driving, cycling and walking.

    What is the process?

    The NPTMP will be conducted in accordance with the master planning process following the requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, an approved process under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act

    Phase One of the Study will focus on “Building and Understanding” and will generally run between June and October 2020. This phase will be a principal engagement point with the community to determine transportation issues, challenges and necessary improvements as seen from the community’s perspective.

    Phase Two of the Study will focus on “Plan Formulation” and will generally run between November 2020 and April 2021. This phase will take the findings of the initial community engagement and begin to prepare policies and strategies for the NPTMP, which will ultimately be approved by Municipality Council.

    How do I get involved and stay informed of the process?

    Engagement and dialogue with the community is a vital component of this NPTMP. You can provide input through multiple tools in Stage One, including the survey, commenting and mapping tool on this page. Updates of progress and next steps will be given to those who have subscribed above. Additional consultation will occur within Stage Two as well.