What is the difference between a crossover and a crosswalk?

    Crosswalks sometimes have "ladder" style stripes that mark the crossing area. Crosswalks are found at regular traffic signals, stop signs, school crossings or other intersection. Motorists do not have to wait for pedestrians to cross the full width before driving. In comparison, crossovers always have "ladder" style stripes that mark the crossing area, always have roadside signage that says "Stop for Pedestrians" and always have pavement markings to show where cars and/or cyclists must stop. Crossovers sometimes have lights or overhead signage. Motorists must wait for pedestrians to cross the full width of the road before driving through crossovers.

    Why do the current crossovers in North Perth need to be upgraded?

    The current crossovers in North Perth do not meet the new guidelines for crosswalks and crossovers established by the Ministry of Transportation in 2016. The new design for pedestrian crossovers standardizes the look, markings and expected use of crossovers. It also standardizes the consequence for drivers who make a crossover-related offense (up to a $500 fine and 3 demerit points). Drivers must stop at the yield line and wait until the pedestrian has finished crossing the road before proceeding. Overall, the new guidelines will make crossovers safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

    Some of the crossovers recommended in the review are close to sets of traffic lights. Why is this?

    Crossovers are justified even if they are close to traffic lights if they meet the requirements on the number of pedestrians using them. The crossings in the review met this standard. The Engineer recommended that the crossovers stay in these locations for this reason. The Municipality will be approaching the Ministry of Transportation for their approval of these locations as well.